System Requirement

System requirements are as follows.


OS: iOS 11.0 or later (Latest version Safari) / Android OS 5.0 or later (Latest version Google Chrome)


OS:Windows 10, Mac OS 10.9 or later / Web Browsers : Internet Exproler11, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera

Please test your device from this stream test content.

The recommended internet speed varies depending on the content. The list below describes general guidelines.

Please be mindful that the internet speed may change dramatically at certain times of the day and week. We recommend checking your environment prior to the stream at a similar time to the actual stream.

You can check the internet speed at FAST.com or speedtest.net.

FHD Stream

20Mbps and above

4K Stream

60Mbps and above

8K Stream

150Mbps and above

Some high quality streams may require faster internet speed than the mentioned rates.

Yes. Please follow this link for details.

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Purchase Method

The method varies depending on the content. Please check with the streaming provider.

Many streams can be obtained / purchased in the following methods.

  • Purchase from a store URL, prepared by the streaming provider, on eContent. (Please contact the streaming provider for the store URL.)
  • A serial key is included with merchandises, CDs, etc.
  • Purchase from a website prepared by the streaming provider. (Fan club, etc.)"

At the eContent store, the following payment methods are accepted. *Please note that some contents may not accept certain payment methods.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
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Yes (except some geographical locations.) All purchases will be processed in Japanese yen. eContent service may not be available at certain geographical locations. Please make sure to use our test stream service before your purchase.

Yes. Prepaid cards purchased from a convenient store (VISA/JCB type prepaid cards) and bank transfers can be used.

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An account can be created from this link.



Please note that if there is a device number limitation on your serial key, then you may run out of available devices.

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For streams that can be rewinded

when starting a stream midway, you can go back and rewind the video.

For streams that cannot be rewinded

when starting a stream midway, the video will continue from that point forward. You cannot go back and rewind the video.

Depending on the serial key, you may have such limitations.

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What are the limitations of serial keys?

It depends on your content's serial key. Please check with the organizer.

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What are the limitations of serial keys?

In general, you cannot record the content. The streamed content are protected by laws such as the copyright law. Please check with the organizer's announcement.

Some organizers / content may allow you to download the content. If so, a download button will appear.

Archive Streams

The archive streams are un-cut from the original stream, therefore there may be a long stationary beginning (titles, etc.).

We do not edit the archive due to copyright purposes, so please skip to the appropriate moment in the video.

You can watch the archive from the same page as the original stream. Please enter your serial key and enjoy the archive.

Whether there is an archive stream depends on the content. Please check with the organizer.


Even if you missed the live stream, you can still watch the archive stream.

You can also purchase a ticket to watch the archive even after the live stream has ended.


You can use the cheering and regular comment feature during an archive stream.

If the available period ends while watching the content, the playback will stop and no longer be available. Please make sure to start watching the content with enough time to finish.

Viewing Troubles

If the "Play" button is shown, please click on the button in order to start playing.

If the video does not start playing, please try reloading the page.

It may take some time before the "Play" button appears upon loading the page depending on the internet speed.

Your playback environment can be tested from here.

  1. Make sure that the audio is not muted. If you see a "tap to unmute" message or "×" icon over the speaker icon, please tap these areas to unmute. The mute button may appear in the full screen mode.

  2. Please make sure that your playback system meets the playback requirements, otherwise the video may not play correctly.

  3. Check the settings for your connected speakers or earphones.

*Some streams (including high quality streaming) may not support certain devices. You can check the compatibility from the playback test page.

Please close the web browser and redo the process.

An issue may be solved by using a private window or clearing the cache.

During a live stream, click "Playback" in order to rewind to where you missed out or want to rewatch. Please note that the playback will stop if the stream period ends during your playback.

On some devices, it may take some time before the "Play" button appears. Please wait without reloading the page.


Viewing troubles caused by a viewer's environmental causes (including electric and internet related issues) are outside of our support.

Please check details on sources such as the event's or artist's official websites.

When it doesn't resolve...

Please note that in some cases our reply may not reach you due to the filtering of your e-mail software or other reasons. Please be sure to include your phone number when making an inquiry.(Sorry We are japanese only.)